The construction of the Clinical Case in Mental Health - Breno Ferreira Pena

Professor Breno Ferreira Pena, professor of the research line Psychoanalysis: theory and clinical, coordinates the research project entitled "The construction of the clinical case in mental health through a discourse that favors the insertion of the patient into the social bond", whose proposal is to make available at the João Barros Barreto University Hospital a service that deals with cases of psychosis or severe neuroses, through the construction of the case in mental health. The demand for such a service arises from the difficulties that the hospital staff presents when caring for psychotic patients when they are admitted to a general hospital, not because of their psychic issues, but because of some illness in the body. As João Barros Barreto University Hospital is not the mental health reference of the municipality, it does not have a multidisciplinary team that has experience with psychosis or even with severe cases of neurosis in order to manage this type of case adequately. While the patient remains hospitalized for treatment of a cancer, for example, and exhibits psychotic manifestations, the multidisciplinary team calls for building the clinical case in mental health for project members. Thus, project members establish with the multidisciplinary team of the hospital involved with the case staff that provides the clinical fragments and promotes interventions in the direction of treatment. Specific direction for each hospitalized patient presenting with an outbreak, manifestations of psychosis or even neurotic symptoms, but complex clinical management. In addition to Professor Breno, this project counts on the participation of Professor Ana Cleide Guedes Moreira, with the master's research of the PPGP student Ana Carolina Peck and four interns, UPFA psychology graduate students Beatriz Evangelista de Araújo, Ana Maria Campos da Rocha, Lucas Cunha Rodrigues, Lana Yasmin Leal da Silva and Brenda Cristina Souza Marques Figueiredo. The project thus contributes to the improvement of care for patients with severe mental suffering hospitalized at the HUJBB for the development and improvement of effective psychological theories and techniques, adherence to treatment and reduction of psychological distress in each case. In addition, the staff of the institution itself benefits from having an improvement in their clinical listening.


Anxiety and Depression Outpatient Clinic - Janari Pedroso

Professor Janari da Silva Pedroso, member of the research line Psychology, Society and Health, develops the university extension program "Ambulatory of Anxiety and Depression" (AMBAD), whose objective is to offer assistance to the population in social vulnerability that presents symptoms of disorders of anxiety and / or depression in the whole state of Pará. The program works in the Bettina Ferro de Souza University Hospital (HUBFS), of the Federal University of Pará, developing activities of assistance, research and knowledge transfer in the training of new professionals and technicians. AMBAD has a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work team composed of professionals in the area of ​​Social Work, Psychology and Psychiatry, which are based on the biopsychosocial intervention model. The AMBAD serves 700 people annually and provides consultations to the other HUBFS sectors for reference services in Otorhinolaryngology and Ophthalmology, as well as Nutrition services. Since 2014, the AMBAD has established the Attention Protocol (with the AMBAD methodology) and assistance to the Reference Center on Obesity, being integrated in the Multiprofessional team of this project with psychiatric, psychological and social assistance of employees and students of UFPA. In the PPGP, two researches of master's and doctoral students are developed, in addition to the participation of undergraduate students who receive extension scholarships. Doctor Rose Daise Melo do Nascimento develops her research entitled: "Psychotherapy in the clinic of child depression: intervention and evaluation"; and Brena Luiza Figueiredo Coelho, her undergraduate work, is entitled "Clinical Characteristics of Child Depression: an exploratory study in an outpatient clinic". In addition, a student of the Graduate Program in Neurosciences and Cell Biology, Cristian Ariel Neira Espejo, developed the master's research project entitled "Perception of abstract visual stimuli and its relation to executive functions in patients diagnosed with obesity" guided by Professor Amauri Gouveia Júnior. The AMBAD is funded by the Federal University of Pará-UFPA through FADESPA / UFPA to pay two technicians (psychologist and psychiatrist) and funds an extension scholarship for undergraduate students via PIBEX / UFPA. 


Psychologist's performance in the treatment of autism and childhood neurological syndromes - Roseane Nicolau

Professor Roseane Freitas Nicolau coordinates the research entitled "Psychoanalysis in Interdisciplinarity: analysis of the demands of professionals for the psychologist's performance in the treatment of autism and childhood neurological syndromes". Approved in the Official Notice MCTI / CNPQ / MEC / CAPES No. 22/2014, since 2014, it has been involved in an extensive network of researchers from other national and international centers, for example UNIFOR, PUC-SP and PARIS VII. He also includes undergraduate and graduate students in psychology at UFPA. Characterized as a theoretical-clinical investigation on the developmental problems, its treatment and diagnosis and on the possibility of the clinical practice of the psychoanalyst together with the multidisciplinary team of the Service, which provides assistance within the framework of the child care policy of the Developmental Outpatient Clinic Bettina Ferro University Hospital (UBFS), the research aims to investigate mental health care modalities with children with autism, severe neurological syndromes, paralyzes, genetic syndromes, learning disabilities and hyperactivity, epilepsies, ataxias and mucopolysaccharidoses, aiming to increase interdisciplinary care projects that included listening to children and their caregivers. The project aims to make a dialogue with physicians and other professionals who work in the University Hospital Bettina Ferro, where the discussion of cases and their treatments will allow to include the psychological treatment for the autism and family members. In addition, to investigate the pictures of autism diagnosed in the Walk Service, aiming at their understanding in the light of psychoanalysis. The major contribution of this project was to propose intervention mechanisms that go beyond the instrumental character of institutional practices. In this regard, we develop theoretical-clinical devices for listening to the singularity of each child, contributing to the practice of Freudo-Lacanian orientation, in keeping with the particularities of the clinic with children, which must necessarily include the family; a language differentiated from the subject, because it is playful; to coexist with other knowledge (mainly medical and pedagogical) in a critical multiprofessional practice; to look for the capacity of response of the subject before that which affects it, and not to respond to the social appeal of locating it in impotence and failure. The project provided for the creation of the following listening: parent group entitled "Caring for who cares"; listening in waiting room; the group of play activities; and the individual attendance of children, as well as the discussion of cases with the team, and the results of this work are elaborated theoretically. From these devices we provide continuous assistance to children and their families. In 2017, 365 sessions were held with the 7 children attending the individual care. As for the parents group, 198 caregivers and 150 children participated during the 32 meetings held. During the research development period, six (6) master's dissertations were completed, five (5) are in progress, as well as three (3) doctoral theses. Seven (7) Scientific Initiation Scholars (PIBIC), four (4) Extension Fellows (PIBEX), six (6) volunteer research and extension scholars, and five (5) Course Completion Works were selected.


Regional Reference Center on Drugs of the Federal University of Pará (CRR-UFPA) - Pedro Paulo Freire Piani

This initiative, which is part of the Ministry of Health's training policy on alcohol and drugs, is coordinated by Professor Pedro Paulo Freire Piani, who develops the activity of talking about drugs at civil society and university events. Production of thematic book in 2017 on drugs in Brazil and in the world, containing training methodology for professionals working in the alcohol and drug service network. In addition, he is a teaching and research manager at the Hospital Complex of the Federal University of Pará, responsible for planning and monitoring academic activities at the two university hospitals of the Federal University of Pará: João Barros Barreto Hospital and Bettina Ferro de Souza Hospital, which has as its priority clientele the population of Pará living in situations of social vulnerability.


Cycle of Intervention with Women - Maria Lúcia Chaves Lima

The Inquiries Laboratory: art, health and education, coordinated by Professor Maria Lúcia Chaves Lima, organized a cycle of interventions among women of different backgrounds, social classes, races and ways of life. There were four activities that embroidered themes pertinent to feminism and the challenges of being a woman today. The first activity of these interventions was the cycle of debates with adolescents living in the community of Porto do Sal, in the port region of Belém. On November 23rd and 30th and December 7th, 14th and 28th of 2017, PPPGP’s master’s students discussed several issues involving feminism and sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents. The interventions took place at Praça do Carmo, Cidade Velha, Belém. Another activity was directed at women from the Belém Islands Women's Movement. The event had a workshop to build abayomi dolls, aiming to discuss the challenges of being a feminist woman in a region still strongly conservative. It occurred on 11/28/17, in the morning, at the headquarters of the movement, located on the island of Cotijuba, near Belém, with the participation of 20 women of different ages, races and conceptions on feminism. The third intervention was a talk on violence against women, also held on 11/28/17, during the afternoon shift, at the Center for Child Psychosocial Care (CAPSi). Such a theme was a demand of the family members of CAPSi users, looking for strategies to combat domestic violence that afflicts them. Finally, on November 29, 2017, at 8:00 a.m., a round table discussion on obstetric violence was held in the Auditorium of the Reference Unit for Adolescent Mother and Child (UREMIA). The event was attended by about 50 women enrolled in the UREMIA Prenatal Program and was configured as a listening space, exchange of experiences and doubts about the common but still little discussed obstetric violence that affects many women, mainly the poorest.


Consultancy for specialization in Health Evaluation and Monitoring in Brazil - Paulo de Tarso Oliveira

Professor Paulo de Tarso Ribeiro Oliveira, professor of the line Psychology, Society and Health, develops and tests models for monitoring and evaluation of health systems, services, programs and actions, with emphasis on those related to the control of endemic processes. In 2017, he advised the Laboratory of Assessment of Regional Endemic Situations (LASER), linked to the National School of Public Health / Fiocruz / MS, to prepare a specialization course in Health Evaluation and Monitoring, which enabled the training of 153 workers of the Ministry of Health in the year 2017. Professor Alcindo Ferla develops evaluative research on health policies and teaching the health professions in a scientific network involving several institutions and in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization. In the year 2017, results were disseminated of research of interest to the Ministry of Health and the Unified Health System as a strategy for subsidizing and training decision-makers, in particular in the scope of the evaluation of basic care, specialized training in residences in the health area, stages and experiences in the Unified Health System and strategies for the training of health professionals. Through research in the Research Group History, Public Policies and Health in the Amazon, research and training activities of researchers and workers in the North Region were developed.


Education in Human Rights - Maria Lucia Chaves Lima

In 2017, Professor Maria Lúcia Chaves Lima, professor of the line Psychology, Society and Health, coordinated the project of university extension "To be stories: education in human rights, selected by the edict of the Institutional Program of Extension Exchange (PIBEX), UFPA. The main objective of the project was to build a human rights education with children in social vulnerability in an urban port community in Belém, the Port of Sal. Through popular education workshops formed by theater plays, games, storytelling and playfulness, a discussion was held on the rights of children and their families, bringing the memory of minority cultures to the forefront of the history of the approximately 20 children involved in the project. This has helped create positive identities for their growth, which will allow them to mobilize transformations. The project generated the Work of Completion of Course, titled "The construction of a popular school: report of a psychologist-artist-educator in formation", formulated by the psychology student Paula Oliveira Barroso. In addition, the project produced several artistic-cultural activities that involved the residents of the community of Porto do Sal. The opening ceremony of the school was attended by several clowns who rejoiced the afternoon, actresses who told stories, musicians who did rap on the spur of the moment. Another procession was held to commemorate Children's Day, in which the children of the school distributed toys for other children and books for adults and children through donations. And the closing celebration of the year, when we made an itinerant Christmas dinner. Several residents assisted in the preparation of food and the children participating in the school walked through all the alleys of the Port of Sal sharing the supper. Currently, as a result of the project's approach, two master's studies are being developed with residents of the Porto do Sal community. Research on teenage abortion by student Larissa Sales and research on marriage in childhood and adolescence, developed by the student Camila Malcher.


Scientific events and cooperation of national researchers - research line "Psychology, Society and Health"

The research line "Psychology, Society and Health" in the year 2017 organized two national events with the participation of research professors from the Federal University of Pará and other national universities, students of Graduate Programs, undergraduate students, technicians and community interested in the subjects of studies. The first event, entitled "I Symposium on Human Aging", took place in the period from March 24 to 27, 2017, coordinated by professors Janari da Silva Pedroso and Celina Maria Colino Magalhães. Linked to the research project "An exploratory study of violence against the elderly in the metropolitan area of ​​Belém: typologies and family dynamics", was funded by the Amazónia Paraense Foundation for Research Support - FAPESPA, according to the Official Notice 008, ICAAF 096/14. The objective of the event was to present and discuss studies on the processes of human aging with discussions about family dynamism, caring relationships and violent actions against the human person. The event took place in the Basic Sector Auditorium-I, UFPA, with the presence of 200 participating members. At the event, the book "Old age: emergent themes in the psychosocial and family contexts" (ISBN 978-85-7516-776-2), by Deusivania Vieira da Silva Falcão (USP), Luggleydson Fernandes de Araújo (UFPI) and Janari da Silva Pedroso (UFPA).
There were several lectures by research professors under various themes: "Elderly people in situations of violence in the metropolitan region of Belém" (Professor Janari Pedroso - UFPA / PPGP); "Developing Personal Resources in Senior years" (Professor Hilma Khoury - UFPA / FAPSI); "The affection in the family as a tool for coping with violence against the elderly" (Professor Maria Leonice Alencar UFPA / UNITERCI); "Risks of senile vulnerability and necessary care" (Professor Júlia Bucher-Maluschke - UnB); "Elderly people and violence in the Amazon and reflections on the future" (Professor Ligia Simonian, Anthropologist-UFPA / NAEA); Psychology of Aging: Theoretical Foundations (Professor Diosivânia Falcão - USP); "Language profile of the healthy elderly, with senile cognitive decline and mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease in the city of Belém do Pará" (Dr. Edilene Liebentritt, UFPA, speech therapist); in addition to the participation of doctoral students and masters in tables presenting their research in progress. The event provided the formalization of the co-orientation of Professor Deusivania Falcão (USP) for the student Ana Claudia Bentes who attends the doctorate in the PPGP / UFPA, as well as the invitation of the Brazilian Defense Law Commission (OAB) - Pará Section for the Research and Development and Health organized the "I Colloquium on Human Aging: A Multidimensional Approach", which took place on May 4, 2017. At that moment it was formalized with the Pará Public Ministry, OAB-Pará Section and State Court of production of the booklet "Prevention of Violence against Elderly People", scheduled for release in June 2018.

The second event held by the PPGP, entitled "I Symposium: Care, Development and Health", took place in the period from September 12 to 14, 2017, coordinated by professors Janari da Silva Pedroso, Paulo de Tarso Ribeiro de Oliveira, Pedro Paulo Piani and Celina Maria Colino Magalhães. The event was linked in several research projects of the mentioned teachers, obtaining financial support (tickets and daily expenses for several national speakers) from the Barros Barreto Hospital / Federal University of Pará, Behavior Theory and Research Graduate Program and the Brazilian Association United Network. The event took place at the Auditorium Benedito Nunes, UFPA, with an average presence of 400 participants.
The objective was to present studies and research on care, development and health, in the approaches of Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology. The event received works by undergraduate and graduate students, evaluated by a local scientific committee. We have the participation of several researchers from national universities: "Protection to the development of children in early childhood", Professor Maria Beatriz Linhares (USP / FMRP); "Obstetric Psychology: gestation, delivery and postpartum", Professor Miria Benincasa (UMESP / UNITAU); "The 30 Years of SUS: Impasses, trends and perspectives", Professor Túlio Franco (UFF); "From Interprofessionality in basic care", by Túlio Franco (UFF), Erika Almeida (General Coordinator of Management of Primary Care of the Ministry of Health), Professor Regina Feio Barroso (UFPA, former coordinator of Pmaq, Multicampi Saúde of UFPA and former vice-rector of UFPA); besides the participation in several tables of the teachers and students of the PPGP. The event contributes to the strengthening of the line of research: Psychology, Society and Health in the construction of a research network with United Network, which will have the presence of PPGP researchers at the XIII International Congress of the United Network, to be held in Manaus and, in partnership with two Psychology research programs from USP-Ribeirão Preto and Methodist University of São Paulo. In addition to the two events listed above, it is worth highlighting the seminar "Feminist Psychology: Professional Practices in Debates", organized by Professor Maria Lúcia Chaves Lima, in partnership with the CRP / 10 Gender Committee. The event had as objective to discuss the performance of psychologists from different approaches and fields of action from a feminist perspective. The manifesto was published on the PPGP website and shared between the academic community and the general public through various media. It is noteworthy that such a manifesto was made available to other national research groups that establish the dialogue between feminism and psychology so that they could suggest changes and add themes. In this way, a national cooperation was created, an embryo of a proposal of articulation of Brazilian researchers and researchers in relation to this theme.


Laboratory of Mourning and Health Studies (LAELS) - Airle Miranda de Souza

Professor Airle Miranda de Souza, who integrates the Phenomenology: theory and clinical line, executes the university extension project entitled "Laboratory of Studies on Mourning and Health (LAELS), whose main function is to meet the demands of health professionals in training and community in general regarding interventions in the mourning clinic and palliative care. The objective is to provide an interdisciplinary space of dialogues and practices in preventive care at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels regarding the complicated manifestations of mourning to professionals of the area who have an interest in reflecting on the theme of death and dying. The project is developed in the three largest public hospitals in Belém: João de Barros Barreto University Hospital, Hospital das Clínicas Gaspar Viana Foundation, and in 2017, the actions were expanded to the Octávio Lobo-HOIOL Children's Oncology Hospital, with weekly groups , with participation of the multiprofessional team oncopediátrica. In all spaces, actions in tanatological education are developed, with emphasis on the development of work groups focused on the task of problematizing education strategies for death. In all activities there is the participation of PPGP students. In 2017, two master's students completed their research integrated into this project. Luana Maria de Souza Fernandes defended the dissertation entitled "Drawings-Stories of Children with Cancer hosted in the hostel house: revealing their meanings", and Diana da Silva Nobre concluded the research entitled "Psychological sowing in the NGO House of the autistic: im(planting) the service and unveiling the senses of the fathers' meetings on call". In addition to the PPGP students, it is important to highlight the participation of residents of the Multiprofessional Health Residency Program of the João de Barros Barreto University Hospital, especially those in the Oncology and Elderly Health areas. Two monographs were defended: that of Tereza Cristina Farias Rocha, entitled "Education for Death in the Training of Residents of a Multiprofessional Residency Program: from undergraduate to graduate" and Tamires de Souza Viana, whose title is "Hospitalized Diabetic Elderly: revealing experiences ".


Psychotherapy for men and couples in situations of domestic violence - Adelma Pimentel

In the year 2015, NUFEN signed an institutional agreement with the Public Defender of the State of Pará, through the Center for Specialized Care for Man to carry out reflexive groups and phenomenological and person-centered phenomenological psychotherapy. At the moment, it conducts groups with the participation of masters and doctoral students guided by professors of the research line Phenomenology: theory and clinic.


Violence and prejudice in school - Maurício de Souza

The Program developed a research project that aimed to develop permanent actions in the production of knowledge and indicators to address two recurring problems in the school context: violence and prejudice. The initiative was developed by the Forum of National Entities of Brazilian Psychology - FENPB, based on the insertion of psychologists in the various fields of action in the national scenario, and professionals in Psychology training, sensitive to the issue and committed to the improvement of the public school. The general proposal included the operationalization of a project of studies on prejudice and violence in schools at the national level, and in the elaboration of a proposal of a national program for the confrontation. The work was carried out in cooperation with universities of the federal education system.