Phylosophy and Human Sciences Institute (IFHC / UFPA)


Psychoanalysis, Conflict and Culture Research Group

Coordinated by Professor Mauricio Rodrigues de Souza, develops theoretical studies and research in psychoanalysis, with emphasis on Freud, anthropology and critical theory. It articulates studies in the interface between psychoanalysis, philosophy and the social sciences.

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Individual Clinic Lab: Symptoms, Body and Institution
Coordinated by Professor Roseane Freitas Nicolau, works at UFPA, at the Clinic-School of Psychology, coordinating studies in health, social and legal institutions, such as CAPS, CRAS, CIAM, etc. The Laboratory directs the focus of its research to three important aspects: the symptom, the body and the social bonds, approached by the clinical institutional dimension. It congregates several projects that depart from the specificity of psychoanalytical knowledge and practice and recognize the importance of the effects of the ethics of the subject in social institutions, betting on the definitive tripod of psychoanalysis: the fundamental concepts, the clinic and the investigation, involving contemporary issues that contemplate the areas. Thus, he develops studies and researches on the practices and discourses that are exercised on the subject in the contemporaneity, aiming at an intervention that surpasses the instrumental character of the institutional practices. He meets frequently to deepen Freudo-Lacanian studies on subjectivity. It houses scholarship holders, masters and IC / PIBIC advisers, internships, orientation courses in psychology, defenses, seminars, seminars and study groups. It has funding of CNPq edicts and works in partnership with the Laboratory of Psychoanalysis and Fundamental Psychopathology. Also accredited in the directory of research groups of the CNPQ, it congregates clinic and mental health professionals. Publishes co-authored chapters and articles, participates in congresses. Participates in a PROCAD, in progress, with UFRJ and UFS. He also participates in associations of psychoanalysis and of ANPEPP, having initiated an exchange with researchers from France.

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Laboratory of Teaching and Research

With availability of five computers and a printer, intended for masters and doctoral students, all with access to the internet via wireless system, and availability of consumer material for printing. 


Computer Lab

It also has 20 microcomputers accessible to undergraduate and graduate students. We emphasize that this Laboratory provides invaluable maintenance services to the Program's computers.


Health and Development Lab

Coordinated by Professor Janari da Silva Pedroso, he develops studies in the Amazon, in the line of research "Psychology Society and Health", in the areas of Human Sciences and Health. The group brings together researchers from the Amazon interested in studying human development in biopsychosocial aspects, psychopathological processes, psychological evaluation of developmental and personality disorders with different methods of psychodiagnostic evaluation (psychological tests, interviews, observations and scales of development and intelligence), psychotherapeutic interventions and themes that address mental health. The interdisciplinary character extends the theoretical psychodynamic and systemic discussions that support the studies and the researches. The actions are directed towards the integration of postgraduate courses with the graduation, production and dissemination of knowledge and intervention, with dissemination of research results to the academic community. Also for teaching, with the training of professionals in the areas of psychology and health. It guides courses for the conclusion of courses, scientific initiation, master's and doctorate (co-orientation). It carries out exchanges with UFRGS and ANPEPP and other research groups, such as the Laboratory of Developmental Ecology, which conducts research on human development in the urban and rural Amazonian context, as well as with the Research and Actions Group in Psychiatry and Health Psychology ( PAPPS), which develops its activities oriented to the promotion and intervention in health in the area of ​​Psychiatry, Health Psychology and Developmental Psychology and Personality.

Contact: (91) 3120-3370

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Studies of Childhood, Social Practices and Networks Lab

Coordinated by Professor Pedro Paulo Freire Piani, he conducts research and reflection on the themes of childhood, social practices, networks and their relations of social determination. Anchored mainly in social psychology and collective health as fields of knowledge, the participants of the Laboratory come from different professional areas. The Laboratory has a research group accredited in the CNPq called Integrity in Health - Knowledge, Practices and Social Actors. The focus is on practices institutionalized by the system and on the practices of individuals and populations in health production. The Laboratory currently coordinates two surveys: Child Health Services in the Cities of Belém and Paris: a study of the offer on aspects of conception, organization and evaluation of services, financed by FAPESPA, and Child Health Services in the Municipalities of the Archipelago of the Marajó: study of the offer regarding aspects of accessibility and integrality in the organization, approved at UFPA and with Bolsa PIBIC. Collaborates in the research Gender Relations, Feminisms, Sexuality, Race, Vulnerability: feminization of the HIV-AIDS epidemic, coordinated by Professor Ana Cleide Guedes Moreira and approved at CNPq. Conducts joint seminars with the Transversalizing Laboratory, coordinated by Professor Flávia Cristina Silveira Lemos. The Laboratory teaches two optional subjects in the Program: Childhood and Society and The notion of network and its uses in the contemporary world. It currently has 2 Scientific Initiation scholarship holders and one Extension scholarship holder. The coordinator starts a partnership with the Carlos Chagas Foundation - SP in the area of ​​childhood through a postdoctoral project.

Contact: (91) 3201-6858

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Studies in Grief and Health Lab (LAELS)

Coordinated by Professor Airle Miranda, who meets regularly and in partnership with the Hospital de Clínicas Gaspar Viana, jointly with the Multiprofessional Health Residency Program, with the accomplishment of a consolidated work of extension, orientation of scientific initiation, organization of seminars , study group meetings, master and bank defenses, elaboration of field-funded research by CNPq, with successes from PROEX, PIBEX and PIBIC Official Notices. It elaborates texts together and promotes continuous training in mental and collective health, shelters fellows, professionals of related areas and who act in health policies in hospitals in the sphere of reception in situations of loss and experience of mourning in the field of the psychodynamic and humanist approach . It has exchanges with other institutions, especially UNICAMP, and is accredited in the directory of research groups of CNPq.

Contact: (91) 3201-7448

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Phenomenological Research Nucleus Laboratory

Coordinated by Professor Adelma Pimentel, he guides IC / PIBIC and master's degree in psychology, performs defenses, seminars, participates in congresses, writes in co-authoring and publishes and organizes books. He participates in management, commissions and publishing of the NUFEN Magazine, indexed with Qualis B2. It has national and international exchanges with Portugal and Australia. Publisher books and has funding from public notices from CNPq and FAPESPA, having participated in PROCAD with PUC-RJ (closed). It carries out exchanges with the social sciences on the subject of gender and violence relations and has partnerships with professionals and institutions of justice and education in the field of gestalt psychology, phenomenology and humanism, human rights and women's rights reproductive health and sexuality. Participates in Summus Publishing staff.

Contact: (91) 3201-7782

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Philosophy and Psychoanalysis Lab

Coordinated by Professor Ernani Chaves, he / she guides IC / PIBIC, captures resources from research agencies, such as CNPQ and CAPES, locally coordinates a PROCAD with UFRJ and UFS, publishes and conducts seminars, studies, conclusion of course, Masters and Doctorate. It maintains international exchanges with France and Germany, and also articulates national exchanges with ANPOF and with associations of psychoanalysis and philosophy. He conducts theoretical research on Nietzsche, Foucault, Benjamin, Lacan and Freud. It studies the themes of culture, subjectivity, mental health and art. It develops banking, defenses, seminars, participation in congresses, conducts opinions, participates in commissions and management.

Contact: (91) 3201-7782

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Psychoanalysis and Fundamental Psychopathology Lab

Coordinated by Professor Ana Cleide Guedes Moreira (UFPA) and Professor Helena Maria Melo Dias (UEPA), which meets regularly and works in partnership with internships, supervisions, preparation of course work, scientific initiation, dissertation defense, research field, lectures and seminars, organization of congresses. The Laboratory has been involved in teaching, research and extension at the University Hospital João Barros Barreto / UFPA for more than a decade in the area of ​​infectious and contagious diseases and AIDS. Its researchers participate in newsstands at UFPA, UEPA, UNAMA and other latu sensu graduate institutions in Belém, starting with the initiative and direction of PPGP alumni. Some years ago she obtained regular funding from development agencies, having participated in several research missions in the field and in the field of gender relations. He carried out a PROCAD with the PUC-RJ, already concluded, which resulted in many contributions to this Laboratory and also in the increase of the bibliographical production of this PPGP. He produces texts for publication and has many national and international exchanges. It houses fellows and professionals who work in the area of ​​infectology, human rights in health, fundamental psychopathology and psychoanalysis. Accredited in the directory of CNPQ research groups since 2002, it participates in associations of psychoanalysis and ANPEPP, and also maintains an already consolidated exchange with the University of Paris 7, France.

Contact: (91) 3201-7782/ (91) 4009-9524

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Labor and Health Laboratory in the Amazon: subjectivity, institutions and policies.

Coordinated by Professor Paulo de Tarso Oliveira, the group has worked in the promotion of undergraduate and postgraduate training, especially in the Faculty of Psychology, Psychology Graduate Program of the Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences of UFPA and UFRGS Collective Health. The group of investigations carried out by the Group is committed to the interdisciplinarity and to the development of modalities, approaches and methods applied to the health reality of the Brazilian Amazon. The lines of research that compose it involve subjectivity, institutions and the multiple determination of work processes and health policies. The reflections and the academic production have the scope to problematize the questions and implications of the construction of the Brazilian Unified Health System, emphasizing the local diversity. The current production of the group includes: publication of research reports, organization and book chapters, scientific articles and production of support for actions of institutionalization of care and health work and defense of SUS. It maintains a consolidated exchange with the Laboratory of Evaluation of Regional Endemic Situations (LASER), a research, teaching and advisory unit created in 1999 and linked to the Department of Endemics Samuel Pessoa of the National School of Public Health (ENSP) of the Oswaldo Foundation Cruz, with the aim of institutionalizing, disseminating and updating the evaluation and monitoring of programs to control endemic processes, and with the group History, Public Policies and Health in the Amazon, headquartered at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Manaus.

Contact: (91) 3183-2121/ (051) 3308-5271

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Transversalyzing Lab

Group of studies, research and extension coordinated by Professor Flávia Cristina Silveira Lemos. It houses scholarship holders of IC / PIBIC, Extension / PIBEX, Masters in Psychology and Doctorate in Education. It has research funding, partnership with other research groups in Foucault, Deleuze and Castel. It carries out works on the subject of human rights, especially in the field of childhood and family, in the sphere of justice, education, institutional analysis and social psychology. It performs documentary and research-intervention studies, organizes seminars, stalls, defenses and weekly study meetings. It has internal exchanges in UFPA with the courses of Education and Law. It develops course completion work, has articulation with Counseling Psychology and with various councils of rights and social movements. Publishes texts together with the students. The group is accredited in the CNPQ directory, participates in PROCAD in progress with UFRJ and UFS, also participating in ANPEPP and ABRAPSO. It articulates the presence of professionals from various areas, human and social, who act in defense, promotion and guarantee of rights. It has currently initiated exchanges with France, Italy and countries in Latin America, in addition to participating in the forum on the medicalization of education and society.

Contact: (91) 3201-7782 

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